Shortly after Christmas, the first shoot of the still young freestyle season in the Riderpark Pizol in Easetern Switzerland took place. The park was in top shape and the riders obviously had fun to show off their skills in front of the cameras. QParks sent us this nifty clip of all the snowboard action and threw in an interview with snowboarder Jonas Steinbacher for good measure. Enjoy!


Even though Pizol was still hiding in thick fog in the morning, there was no reason for the snowboarders Jonas Steinbach, Lukas Kuppelwieser, Diego Bosshard and Marc Pasout to mope around. Quite the opposite, in fact, as the riders used the time until the sun found its way through the fog for some powder and fun runs. Then the heat was finally on: At first, they tackled the Jibline and shredded the hell out of it. Secondly, the kickers were in for some serious freestyle action and we saw sick airs and stylish tricks.


At the end of the spectacular shooting day we snatched up the snowboarder Jonas Steinbacher for a short interview:

Hey Jonas! How did you like the shooting? How was the vibe up there on the mountain? What were your personal highlights?

Basically, I liked the shooting very much! Getting filmed by a professional crew was very interesting. It was a new experience for me, which will definitely be continuedJ. The vibe was great, too, we had a lot of fun and a very good time. A personal highlight for me was to watch so many really good snowboarders and freeskiers in the Riderpark Pizol. I learned a lot from them and they also inspired me to try some new tricks.

How do you like the Riderpark Pizol in general? What do you expect from the new season?

I really like the Riderpark Pizol! It’s small and consequently very cosy. It appears to be professionally shaped, and this appearance has been proven today! J It’s the second season on the Pizol now, and I’m impressed by the huge development it has undergone in these past 2 years – and what’s still to come. I want to send a big THANK YOU to the mountain railways Pizol and to QParks who make it possible to repeatedly increase the park’s popularity! What I would still like to see is a bigger and broader kicker, which elevates you high up for stunning pictures and then lets you dive back into this “sea of fog". This would definitely attract even more freestylers.


What do you think makes the Riderpark Pizol so special?

For one part, there are the locals, who make the Riderpark unique and who motivate you every day anew to go up on the mountain and shred the park. The vibe is always great and we have lots of fun there. We also push each other a lot! I particularly enjoy the grill which can be used freely J! Also, the great scenery and the breathtaking view contribute to the special feeling you get in the Riderpark Pizol. You don’t get a panorama like that everywhere, especially when it’s like this with the sea of fog!

Thank you Jonas, we wish you an action packed season in the Riderpark Pizol!!!