The final leg of the Swatch TTR World Tour has arrived with only three weeks remaining in the men’s 2009 season.

This weekend, Park City Mountain Resort will host the 5Star Intelligent Design on March 7th, 2009 – The final chance for male riders to score points ahead of the tour defining 6Star Burton U.S Open. 850 TTR ranking points and a $50 000 USD prize purse have lured the world’s top technical riders to Park City. Whatever transpires this weekend will be pivotal to the season’s final ranking.

Park City Mountain Resort, in Park City, Utah is renowned as one the freestyle epicenters of U.S snowboarding and the shaping crew always delivers truly world-class parks and pipes. The Intelligent Design will take elements from Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Quarterpipe and put them all into one run that is sure to be a catalyst for creativity. The course will consist of a 60-foot kicker, hip jump, jib section, 350-foot long perfectly shaped 22-foot pipe with jibs on each deck and will finish with a Quarterpipe at the end of the course. 2006/2007 Swatch TTR Tour Champion, Shaun White (USA), has confirmed his attendance and will be chasing a podium finish that will move him into the TTR Top 5, in a solid position to score his second TTR Title. With Peetu Piironen and Chas Guldemond absent from the Intelligent Design riders list, Shaun will have a bit of an edge rolling into the US Open later this month if he can throw down his mastery on this unique course.

Finishing the season in the Swatch TTR Top 5 brings international prestige and guarantees invites to major 5 and 6Star events next season. With time running out, these factors are pushing a host of riders to lay it all on the line at the Intelligent Design. Arthur Longo from France has recently been annihilating the competition scene and another podium finish here will improve his position in the TTR Top 10. French Canadian duo, Charles Reid and Sebastien Toutant, both had breakout seasons on the TTR Tour. The Intelligent Design will give Toutant the opportunity to move back into the TTR Top 10 while giving Reid a chance to improve on his World No. 8 position. With ground-breaking double corks in their trick repertoire, there is a strong chance Charles and Seb could find themselves on the podium

This season the riders’ 7 best results will be averaged to crown the rider who has dominated across all formats as final victor at the last 6Star event. A total prize money payout of over $200 000 USD will be dispensed when the Tour Championships are decided, bringing the total prize money throughout the season to over $2 million USD.