Forum Snowboards drop all-new line of boards for urban riding.

Will these bases have irate middle-American mothers raging at Mr Forum as happened when Burton decided to whack some 70s ass on their Love sticks? Doubtful. Unlike hot chicks, everyone - regardless of orientation - loves sex, drugs and rock & roll don't they?

This also has iconic 70s-era photography from NYC snapper Allan Tannenbaum on the topsheet. Who he is and why they're iconic, we don't know. But what the Contract does for you? That we do know.

They're pitching it as follows: Developed on the team's specific street-riding needs, this is a full-on, urban-specific deck built for durability, big ollie power and quick acceleration all at an affordable price point.

“The Contract is the answer to the need for an ultimate jib stick," says Forum Team Rider Nic Sauve. “Its unique shape allows more stability, better pop, and precise maneuverability. You'll have everything on your side to destroy any obstacle crossing your way in the streets."

More interesting than Nic's chat, however is this: you can be on the team! While Wiig might not know your name, the internet might... "Every person who buys the board is eligible to go online and sign up to be on “The Contract Team." Once on the team, riders can send in their best urban shots on The Contract and have the chance to score some photo incentives if the shot gets run! (More details will be disclosed once you log-in to The Contract Team webpage.)"

Available come autumn in selected snowboard shops worldwide. Check out more at