Triple World Champion Guillaume Chastagnol and his partners Regis Labaune, Wareck Arnaud and Fred Jagu are organising the third SnowKiteMasters between December 18th-23rd, 2006. The SKM will involve DJ's, live concert events, accommodation, lunch on the mountain and evenings in the valley.

This event is an exhibition attended by famous photographers and cameramen; each rider is invited to give his or her best, boosted by the ambience of the world music festival featuring: Walo Afro, Salsa Kontigo and JFK Junior. Over 1,000 people are expected every night to enjoy the party atmosphere.

The Serre Chevalier Snowkite Masters begins on the 18th December and continues until the 23rd of December at the Col du Lautaret (2058m) which is an excellent opportunity to discover the radical sport of snowkiting as the Col du Lautaret has near perfect land and wind conditions for this sport.