Does the stadium withstand?

Dancehall superstar and Grammy winner SEAN PAUL is jamming at the Nokia Air & Style 07 in Munich

Munich, October 10th 2007 – No one less than Jamaica’s dancehall superstar and No.1 music export SEAN PAUL himself will set the roof of the Munich Olympic Stadium at the Nokia Air & Style 07 on fire with new songs from his upcoming album. His millionfold sold records Dutty Rock and The Trinity did not only write music history but also assured him a huge fan base. With SEAN PAUL and THE HIVES two of three music acts are already confirmed for the Nokia Air & Style 07.

The temperature is rising. SEAN PAUL, the most successful dancehall artist of all times, will take care that no leg will stand still at the Nokia Air & Style 07 on December 1st. Jamaica’s hottest music export is going to perform his No.1 hits like Temperature, Get Busy and Baby Boy at Munich Olympic Stadium. At the Nokia Air & Style 07 the Grammy winner, who already worked with illustrious mega stars such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Shaggy or Carlos Santana, will also perform new songs from his not yet released new record.

Besides SEAN PAUL the Swedish punk rocker THE HIVES will rock the crowd at the Nokia Air & Style 07 with their legendary rock hymns, also with songs from their new record to be released in October. At this years’ event the spectators can, of course, again expect snowboard action at its best. Top stars as DAVID BENEDEK, RISTO MATTILA and ANTTI AUTTI surely will challenge last year’s champion TRAVIS RICE. Additionally, an all new Snowmobile-Freestyle-Contest takes place. The Nokia Air & Style 07 promises a thrilling spectacle. With DJ KOOL („Let Me Clear My Throat!“) the first top DJ for the legendary After Contest Party at the Alabamahalle can already be announced.

The ticket presale has already begun on the Air & Style website and Tickets purchased via the Air & Style website can easily be printed out at home by print@home without any further costs for shipping. The site also offers much more information on the event.

Nokia Air & Style 07

Location: Olympic Stadium Munich

Date: Saturday, December 1st 2007

Time: ca. 3:30 pm – ca. 10.45 pm


Grandstand € 36,20 (plus Presale Fee) Arena € 43,50 (plus Presale Fee) VIP € 135,00 (plus Presale Fee) Clubbing € 10,00 (plus Presale Fee)

Sean Paul translation guide

Patois is a creole language spoken in Jamaica, often used by reggae and dancehall artists in their lyrics. Here is a small excerpt of “creole English":

PATOIS English

AAL-RAIT alright

BASHMENT party, session; basement

BLING BLING pretentious, glittering; jewellery

BUTTY bottom, bum, butt

BWOY boy

DUB PLATE pre-released copy of a record, often produced for a sound system or DJ

DUTTY dirty

FAIAH fire

FLÖRTI-FLÖRTI to flirt, to coquet

GAL girl

HOTT hot, spicy, super, "in"

I-RIE all right, cool

JAMBO "hello"

KORK AP crowded, full

KUU-JAH! Watch this!

MASSIVE crowd, audience

MUUV move

RIDDIM rhythm

TANKS thanks

TEK-KER! Take care!

WINE to dance

YAGA YAGA dancehall slang