Lago goes for round two with TMZ.

So, some goobers at 'celebrity' 'news' site TMZ posted pictures of Scotty making party after picking up his Olympic bronze medal and some suits got the right arsehole and sent him to bed without dinner.

Now some other goobers from TMZ cornered Lago in the street the other day and, after faking like he's about to go all Sean Penn, he gives 'em the bro down, says no hard feelings and almost takes some fat guy's head off twirling his hunk o' metal. Bet the USSSSSSA suits will be red faced but, c'mon, we'd put money on them old Greek dudes at the OG Games doing the exact same stuff only with more wine, more nudity and more women.

After Shaun's PR world tour which has seen him chew the fat with Oprah, Larry King and some other people paid to talk to other people, it's sweet to see Lago keeping it real and being himself. Whether the Olympic people like it or not, our guys are snowboarders first and Olympians somewhere after that so while it would clearly be double bad if Lago went on a murderous rampage using his medal as a weapon, if he's just enjoying life they should back the hell off. They need snowboarders more than we need them.

And here's one more newsflash: SOME PEOPLE WHO GO TO THE OLYMPICS ENJOY PARTYING AND THE COMPANY OF THE OPPOSITE SEX. Like many other people in the world.

Scotty, thank you for being you.