WSF supported the World Snowboard Day (WSD) since the beginning and it’s now time to plan together the 8th edition and make it bigger and wider than ever.

This year WSD is once again lucky enough to work with a world- renowned rider. After the charismatic Anne-Flore Marxer in 2012, Xavier De Le Rue, currently recognized as the best freeride snowboarder on the planet, happily agreed to be the ambassador for this 8th edition.

This lifelong mountain enthusiast, with an extensive list of impressive accomplishments, wholeheartedly accepted to be ambassador for WSD, explaining that, “It is a good thing to have an international event that brings together everyone from the snowboarding world; it is an honor to be ambassador for this day where snowboarders across the planet will go out riding at the same time to celebrate our sport."

For World Snowboard Day, it is also a great honor to have the best freeride snowboarder on the planet by our side! Xavier has left everyone a message in the all-new teaser for World Snowboard Day!

About WSD

EuroSIMA, the World Snowboard Federation and Outdoor Sports Valley, in partnership with SnowSports Industries America, Core Power Asia and TTR Pro Snowboarding, are proud to announce that the 8th edition of World Snowboard Day will take place on Sunday, December 22nd, 2013.

This is once again the opportunity to discover, for free, snowboarding as a sport and culture across the world’s summits. As of today more 39 events have already been registered in no less than 17 different countries! The goal for this year is to surpass the 152 events and 35 host countries from 2012.