As the Northern Hemi season winds down apart from the onslaught of season edits from Scanners; over on the other-side of the planet, they're frothing at the haggis to get the lifts turning for the first tracks of the year.

Having spent 9 months living in Wanaka back in 2010, this writer will always keep a little bit of NZ stored away in his heart. Whilst weather can be...inclement at times, nothing beats the satisfaction of jumping on the metro in June in your shorts to the airport, to then emerge 24 hours later and rip fresh lines in sub-zero temperatures.

Cardrona have always had a heavy-weight park, hosting a roster of comps including the now defunct Burton NZ Open, and it seems that they're on point to deliver another killer set-up.

If you've got any doubts as to how the south hemi season goes down, let Roope Tonteri, Sven Thorgren and Ståle Sandbech, remind you what happends when you inverse gravity.

If you're going down under for the first time, we salute you - it's an experience you never forget.