Riding - Videos - Contests - Parties - Onboard Website. Combined these elements form something like the magic circle of shred. Or maybe not. What we know for sure is that we just received the trailer for "Sanesation", the first movie from the new Austrian film crew Sane. It shows some inspiring park and urban riding, solid tricks, and in good Austrian fashion no tight pants at all.

The action was filmed mainly in Tyrol but also all over Europe. Riders include rippers Michael Schatz, Marcel Dextor, Benno Postert, Stefan Grumser, Dominik Brunner, Thomas Fimmel,Andreas Gell, Johannes Münsch, Markus Klaes, Andreas Dosch, Aron Holterman, Christoph Geiger and Philipp Schorp. Check it out!

More information soon on www.sanesnow.com