For the past 4 years, the ‘Artwork Contest’ website has allowed exceptional artists to express their talent by means of this gallery. Furthermore, this has helped us grow our international network of skilled designers and agencies that participate in our product creation.

This site is not a platform where everyone comes to enter a design in hopes of winning a prize: the ‘sponsorship’ put into place allows the winners to benefit from a large exposition with their work being exposed during international trade shows as well as in numerous specialized magazines.

To develop your notoriety, to be known and renowned for your art is more important than to win a simple contest; this is why Salomon is particularly close to artists that transpire fresh inspirations in a board.

A very particular attention in brought to works done using traditional techniques: computer graphics are of course welcome, but other means often bring more enlightenment; graphic illustrations done by hand (gluing, sewing, clay, paint…) then adapted to the composition of a board have a better chance of winning if they transpire the true sensibility and creativity of the artist. The fusion of ideas, graphic concepts (mix of photos, paint, vector graphics…) are such means that we value on this site.

For more information about this contest, all conditions and regulations check out the contest's website!