When: 10.04.2010

Where: Flumserberg, Switzerland


Alright, The Real Park in Flumserberg might not have the reputation of, say, Mammoth Mountain. But all over the season, this Swiss resort has hosted a fine selection of grass roots events. To round things up they'll throw another last event, the 1Star TTR event "Last Run, Last Hit!" on April 10, 2010.


The Hillrppers Crüe invites everyone for the season's finale to a perfectly shaped park. The weather will be bluebird with around 15 degrees - you could not ask for more. For the last time wax your board, strap into your boots and land your tricks into the spring slush.


According to their press release it is all about the fun of snowboarding and a decent end of season day. To make sure of this they will make use of the popular free-drinks-free-bbq-in-the-park idea. And apart from having fun at the "Highest Ollie Contest" and the "Rail Masters" you can also collect some TTR points at the "Style Masters" contest:

Riders will hit the big air kicker. It will be shaped specifically for the "Last run, last hit!" event. Each rider has 4 runs and has to perform a 540, a 360, a 180 and and a straight air. The sole judging criterion is style.


Jibber kids can get down with it at the "Rail Masters". Again quoting from the press release the park will feature an "unbelievable jibbing combo". And last but not least the "Highest Ollie Contest" will offer your chance to show your insane popping skills. The many sponsors make sure there will be enough prizes for pretty much every participant.

This year, the Hillrippers Crüe celebrates its 10th anniversary. Over the last ten years the crew celebrated several magazine covers and contest victories - and suffered quite some hard bails and injuries. No doubt that such a birthday wants partying. Hence the "Last Run, Last Hit!" after-party, which will go down as the "10 Years Hillrippers Crüe Birthday Bash!" in the Play Club in Mels.

Here are the quick facts again:

"LAST RUN, LAST HIT!" TTR One-Star-Event, April 10, 2010 The Real Park, Flumserberg

Registration: In the Park

Start fee: None

Free Drinks & Food for everyone

Contest starts about 10h

more infos under www.hillrippers.ch & www.therealpark.ch