This season you’ll find for the first time a Roxy girlieline in the freestylepark of SaasFee. This line was made for all attending freestylers and mainly for our freestyle girls or those who would like to become one. Everybody can practise his tricks on the small kickers in the Roxyline without risking to end up with a bad crash onto the table.

Furthermore there is a small Roxy straight-box to practise on for all aspiring jibbers before going on to the up-box or the rainbow-box.

All those who need a little break will surely be fine off with the relaxed ambient of our chill-zone. Several lounge pillows offer a comfortable opportunity to sit down and chill out while watching the riders ripping the halfpipe, the big kickerline or the Roxy line.

The riders are always surrounded by suiting music that pushes them to go higher and explore their limits. So, all those who get bored on the straight slopes should definitely take the challenge and step into the freestyle experience.

Information: Obstacles Roxyline: five small kickers, a straight- and a rainbowbox and a waveline