In the spring of 2006, Rome met up with a crew of their riders in Reno, packed in the two vans, Shred Zeppelin I and Shred Zeppelin II and road tripped down to Mammoth and back up to Boreal.

The idea wasn't to sled out to the biggest backcountry jump or find the gnarliest triple-kink — it was to get Bjorn, Jesse, Casey, LNP and a bunch of other riders together for a few days and make a short video the way a group of riders anywhere in the world would make a video of their crew at the local park. Just the simple idea of shredding resorts for three or four days, hanging out and filming each other.

Over the next couple days, ropes got ollied, park lines got trained, trees got bonked, boxes got buttered, barrels got tapped, pipes got one-hit, stumps got ollied, and rollers got tame-dogged, and vans got jibbed.

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