Foy is an interesting person. About two years ago he made his mark on the Rome Team with an “everything to prove, nothing to lose attitude." It was his shot-gun approach to life that has made him one of the young pow rippers today. He’s definitely not super organized, so when we asked him for a list, we weren’t sure what to expect, as no one is quite sure what goes through his brain. So here it is the good the bad and ugly list of favorite things from Jon Foy.

Top 5 Shred Spots

1. Squaw

2. Trout Lake, “Shandy Land"

3. Revelstoke

4. Baker

5. Jackson Hole

Top 5 Vacation Spots:

1. Kauai, Hawaii

2. Wanaka, New Zealand

3. Cabo San Lucas

4. Never been, but always wanted to go to Costa Rica

5. My couch

Top 5 Songs to Shred to:

I don’t really listen to music, but when I do, it’s Metal

Top 5 Moments with the Rome Team:

1. Hanging out with the whole Rome team in Revelstoke during the filming of No Correct Way.

2. Riding lines with Bjorn, Neefus and Greg B at Trout Lake

3. After Rome Terror week over at Windell’s, we went down to Portland to judge a rail contest. That night ended walking across Portland with Marius and Eiki at 4am.

4. The times had with John Graham, Dirty Joel Cline and the rest of the Rome crew traveling around Cali for the I Heart Box tour.

5. Hanging with the Rome In-House crew in Burlington.

Top 5 Rome Gear:

1. Targas

2. Mod 158

3. Design 162

4. Notch 158

5. The Manifest Outerwear Collection

Top 5 Movies:

1. The Big Lebowski

2. The Hangover

3. TB 2

4. Friday

5. No Correct Way

Top 5 Shreds You Respect:

1. Bjorn, for his tech lines and chill attitude

2. Marius, he’s always charging everywhere he goes

3. Terje, for his inspiration and style

4. Mark Landvik, his backcountry annihilation

5. Big Mountain Jeremy Jones, pushing the limits of the sport.

Top 5 Dirty Joel Stories:

I don’t know where to start on this one, so many good times, a lot of which, I can’t really tell you, let’s see.

1. Rookies in Incline with DJC, breaks a glass on a pool table, we get a free ride to Reno, and Incline cops are assholes.

2. Vegas…

3. Broadway played at the Rome Flophouse in Tahoe. DJC had some Roman Candles, next thing I know there’s a full on fire fight in the middle of their set. I think he shot the drummer in the face.

4. There was this hot tub at the Rome Flophouse that didn’t work. The whole year it sat there accumulating beer, ciggy butts, wine, puke…pretty much everything you can think of was in that hot tub. Anyways, he fucking bathed in that thing smoking cigs and drinking champagne. No big deal, I still wont hug the kid though…haha.

5. The Magical Bus Tour. Mammoth stop was pretty good. After hot tubbing with these Red Bull chicks, DJC, Paxon and myself went back up to their room and had some drinks. So…long story short, couple hours later, after hitching a ride up the mountain, I’m pulling him out of a Pathfinder after this dumb ass bouncer rolled it 10 times with us in it, almost killing us. The driver tried to ditch, but the cops got him.

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