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Will Lavigne’s a pretty awesome dude. He’s a sick snowboarder, blogger extraordinaire, bi-lingual (twice as many linguals as most of us), and all around just a really nice guy. After proving himself in a heavy way in Rome’s first two films Any Means and No Correct way, and the fact that he’s Canadian and all, asking him to come along on the cross Canada shred trip known as FuGnar was pretty much a no brainer. Here are some of his thoughts on what went down on the journey.

What where your thoughts when you first heard about the trip and that you would be going on it for so long?

At first I thought it was a retarded idea, and then I thought about it a little longer and realized it could be cool. I’ve done the drive a few times so I knew we would find some stuff to ride and have some fun.

About three years ago you did a road trip with our friends from Quebec to Whistler. Did it seem odd to go West to East on a shred trip?

We did the trip when we were filming for the Bandwagon movie. From that trip I had a few ideas where we could stop to find some rails. This time it was three months later in the winter so it got kinda hard with the snow. It didn’t seem weird, I knew it was a do-able trip.

How many of the stops had you been to before? Did you find a new one that were standouts?

I was pretty stoked about the stops we did in BC. We did a few resorts, Seymour, Sun Peak, Kicking Horse, Lake Louise and it was the first time I had ridden those places. After the last resort we stopped at, Lake Louise, I knew pretty much the rest of it, Calgary, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec. It was pretty much the same route we took when I did it three years ago.

You and Bjorn banged out some double lines that were pretty sick. Can you give me a quick breakdown on that hit?

It was a fun feature, not huge though. It was two big rocks in a row with a little gap in between, we were using the first rock as a jump and landing on the side of the second rock. It was a short and steep landing, really fun.

You guys ended up having a pretty serious backyard session over near Sun Peaks. How did you guys get hooked up with that local crew?

To be honest I don’t remember how we ended up there. We had a fire in the backyard and next to the fire there was a snake run with a jump in the end and a flat-down box. We started to drink beers and ride the set up while the fire was burning. Max lost his wallet while he was riding. Some dudes were back-flipping out of the snake run; some others were half-back-flipping. We shot-gunned a few beers. Lazz ended up getting tied to a girl who was half of a twin sister pair….I’ll hold on to the rest of the story for the next question though.

As always, we need your best Lazz story?

The best Lazz story happened that night at Sun Peak. So he was all tied up with this girl, doing all kind of “Lazz” stuff, just talking shit and funny stuff. Later that night we went to the bar in the village. There was a bell hanging from the ceiling over the bar, and one of the locals told us that when you ring the bell, you have to buy a shot for everyone that’s sitting at the bar. So we were drinking by the bar when one of us, can’t remember who, told Lazz to ring the bell. So he did, the whole bar turned around to look at Lazz and he was like…”what?, what?” The bartender looked at him was like, “Dude, you got to get everyone a shot for that.” Everyone was cheering and making fun of him. He didn’t have a choice; the barman was already pouring the shots.

ऀ Few minutes later Lazz was still hanging with that girl, but this time her twin sister decided to join them. He had a twin on each arm. He was making out on his left side, and then turning the head and making out on the right side. Too funny.

How much time did you spend as the vans driver?

We were doing rounds of 6 to 8 hours each. I did 2 or 3 rounds. It gets pretty hard when everyone is sleeping at night. I remember one night I was sleeping and someone woke everyone up saying, “Are we suppose to cross the borders??” We were going the wrong way, so it cost us a 3 hour detour.

How was Mount Seymour?

It was good. It’s close to the city and you can find powder. The park isn’t bad either.

Music and movies help the time pass on a trip like that. Any standout flicks for the trip or battles over music control?

We watched a lot of skate movies. Baker had a Deathwish that just came out a little bit before the trip, so we watched it a lot. There wasn’t any real music battle, until I put my music on. My French music wasn’t welcome in the van.

So you drove about 3000 miles and as soon as you got to a legit street rail you got hurt? What the hell happened?

Well, we drove 3000 miles, we had slept in the van a bunch, we rode every day, we drank a lot of beers…it was the last day of the trip. Since we were in Quebec and we knew a bunch of people who were going out, we all went. I woke up the next morning still shit faced. We went to a down-flat-down rail, it was pretty steep. It took us a long time to start the session. One of those days when you’re not sure and you just keep thinking about it. So, I tried to get the session going; I did a few speed checks and than I went for a board-slide. I got on the flat and ejected onto my face in the landing. I almost threw up…it was the end of the trip for me.

How did you guys keep the mood positive on the trip? You guys had rough weather, not the best conditions to shred, but at the end of the trip everyone was still smiling. How did that work?

No need to complain all the time. In the end even if you complain for a all day it won’t change anything. You try to make things happen with what you have, if it works it works, if not…to bad. I’d say that the best to do is to try to make things positive. In the end I had a good time.

Did you think Lazz was going to make it on that Chair Lift Drop?

Hard to tell…could have worked out, but it looked pretty flat from up there.

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