As they have so many applicants every year, Rome decided to give you an insight into their design house over a live interview with Mike Forester. This guy earned the title BIE (best intern ever) during his internship in the summer of 2009 and has now officially made the move from shop employee at Casualties in Marquette, Michigan, to intern extraordinaire, to full time Graphic Designer at Rome.

On Friday, July 30th from 3 pm to 5 pm Eastern Time (see time zone list below), Rome SDS’s newest addition to the design team will be on Twitter to answer all of your questions in real time. You ask a question, he answers it.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Log on to Twitter at the designated time

  2. Submit your question in the “What’s Happening?" box

  3. End your question with a @Romesds

  4. Forester will fire back his answers to your questions

What did it take for him to land an industry job? What did he study in school to get where he is now? Why does he insist on dressing up in a dog costume at every snowboard event? One of the most common emails we get here at the SDS is how to get a job here… well here’s your chance to ask someone who did it.

In addition, Rome SDS will be picking a question at random that has the @Romesds in it during the designated time, and hooking that lucky rider up with a brand new 2011 Addictive Collection 157 Rocker, the Last Supper, designed by Mike Forester himself during his internship.

So do whatever it takes to shoot a “tweet" Foresters way for your chance to win a new 2011 Deck. If you need an excuse to get out of school or work, tell them you have explosive diarrhea. It’s one of those things people are uncomfortable questioning… they’ll just accept it.

Time Zones

3-5 Eastern

2-4 Central

1-3 Mountain

12-2 Pacific

Stay tuned to and for more updates on the happenings of the Rome SDS.