Snowboarding and “Do It Yourself’dness" have long gone hand in hand.

Tinkering in garages with bindings, t-bolting your board for a super wide stance, stickering your board, cutting your own hair, really whatever the case may be, personalizing things is fun.

Today we have arts and crafts with LNP. He’s going to be showing you how to take that boring black t-shirt and some household ingredients to make a spankin new bad ass looking shirt.

And, after watching the new t-shirt tutorial, you may say to yourself, “Hey, I want one of those shirts the Rome team made…", well here’s your chance.

Just be one of the first 12 people to answer the following questions and email the answers to

1. What does Stale Sandbechs “words to live by" translate to in English?

2. In Silvia’s First Blog post, how many indoor snowboard places did she visit in Japan on her recent trip?

3. Where does Will Lavigne refer to as “Dream Land"?

4. How many days did it take Marie-France Roy to get to Chile?

5. Where was Johnnie Paxson riding during the “Blowin’ Up Boxes" video?

Also with your answers, be sure to include your full mailing address so we can ship you a T if you’re a winner.