With snow flying and the resorts opening up in North America and Europe every day, the Rome SDS is introducing their 2008-09 Limited Edition Collection: two limited-edition new board designs featuring two new camber lines to enhance your park and powder pleasures—the Postermania 1985 and Anthem Superlight Series (SS).

To slide in between the Artifact 1985 and the Notch 1985, Rome unveils the reverse-camber Postermania 1985. While the Artifact 1985 is dialed in for late night rail sessions and the Notch 1985 prefers tree lines and pow-filled gullies, the Postermania is for riders who like to shred jumps, powder lines, rails and ledges. With Rome’s Reverse-Free camber line tuned for a pure freestyle approach to the mountain and park, this profile also gives the board a natural de-cambered shape when up on edge for better edge hold and control through a turn. It also lets the rider generate more edge pressure in the tip and tail for stronger turn initiation and completion.

Created for riders who value first chair on a pow day, who ride inbounds with power, and who are down to hike for untracked chutes, the other limited edition deck in the collection is the high-tech Anthem Superlight Series (SS). Loaded with innovations like the Airpop Core, the bamboo-driven PowerAmp Technology, and the CarbonBiax Alloy Laminate, the Anthem SS is a super-poppy, kill-it-all model that rivals the Rome Design for lightness. Rome’s new Hybrid camber profile combines the pop of camber for most of the body of the board, with the added float of reverse camber in the nose and tail.

Check with your local Rome dealer for when they’ll be available!