Drop into romesnowboards.com to check out the new 1/1 Agents and reverse-cambered 1985 Artifacts, the new late 70s-era Bowery-influenced Libertine boots, the new neon-light 390s that fit seamlessly on the Artifact, and of course the new outerwear collection, featuring the Draggers Only and Vagrant jackets.

After a tour through the product collection, stop into the new Syndicate section with more ways than ever to get involved in the SDS: post videos easily or enter the Local GNAR contest on ShredTV, post your thoughts on “This Is Snowboarding" alongside Bjorn, LNP, snowboard magazine editors and shop owners, enter the Flophouse Gallery contest to win a grip of boards for you and your crew, or send your feedback on Rome gear easily through the Test Center.

Another new addition to the site is the SDS Blog, a place where you can hear the interests, opinions, and rants of artists, designers, reps and other people deep inside the SDS as they spout off about snowboarding, art, and non-snowboarding topics.

For those bathroom moments when you’d rather flip a page, sign up for the new Rome catalog that started shipping last week—delivered free to your door as always.