Allrrrrrright people. Lets get it on! Get it on! Get it on! Get it Oaooan! The Rome premiere party for the ‘Any Means’ video is on it's way to Munich. FINALLY a flick that's bringing back Rock n' Roll to snowboarding, and expresses it by the means of Bjorn Leines, LNP, Jonavan Moore, Marie-France Roy or Marius Otterstad. One of the funnest videos of the season for sure. These dudes had such a good time! We're jealous! We kinda feel sorry for the landlord of the Rome House in Tahoe though. Hehe. Hope he was planning to tear down, and not re-rent it! Time to ‘RETOX’ and turn the boys loose. The relentless beast of chaos, booze, snowboarding, ‘Party Dude’ Chris Cab Percival and Andre Trölztsch is on its way to Munich and wont leave till the city isn’t burning.

Location-Registratur Start-10 pm Entrance- 5 Euros (I think)

See you there.

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