Roistola Films has released their newest film on their web site

Last year was hard for many film producers - but not for Roistola. Lack of snow forced us to concentrate on relevant and it turned out to take the best creativity out of the raggars. They filmed more material, rode harder and looked better than ever - bunch of true heartbreakers. The film is shot around the world from Kallio, the heart of Helsinki, to California. The sings for Heartbreakers are on Auto Täynnä trilogy and Raggar House from last year so the film smells like leather, denim and rock n' roll as usual.

The film includes riding and breaking hearts from Tomi Passi, Joonas Mustonen, Antti Autti, Jukka Kiistala, The Trashbasket, Tuukka Tams, Rami Vuorinen, Tuomas Laitinen, Ile Eronen and others. Soundtrack contains hard and rockin' music by The Driven Dynamo, Bullet Biters, The Sumner Brothers, Sweet Moses and The Bitterlicks.

The website is having a few problems right now as so many people are tying to access the film, so until it's fixed you can download a torrent to Roistola's Hearbreakers. You'll need a BitTorrent client like Bits On Wheels to downlad the film. It's all above board.