The Grande Spettacolo will take place in Livigno. The set up of both contests, Slopestyle at the Swatch Mottolino Snowpark and the jump of the river, are about to be finished.

The 3° edition of the River Jump is ready to start thanks to Burton Snowboards with the support of APT Livigno, Mottolino, and Skipassion Livigno and Credito Valtellinese, on March 4-5-6th, 2009.

As in the past editions, the sickest part of the event is the jump of the Spoel river.

Roby Moresi, head shaper, says: "My goal is to create structures that are easy and fun to ride in safety and with great entertainment for the spectators. Riders can choose among three ways to jump the river: a mini downrail with a butter box, a trunk to jib followed by a wall ride, and then a drop down with the landing set on the kicker of another box. Also, before the river, the riders will jump off a kicker of 16/18 meters flat.

At the top of the mountain, the Swatch Mottolino Snowpark will be the arena for the qualifications.Directed by its shapers Mino & Cappe, supervised by Moresi, the 4 TTR stars slopestyle contest will take place on the XL line that consists of: a wild jibbing area followed by a 22m kicker, a 18/20 m fun box, a 20/22 m kicker to end up with a 16/18 m gap.

8 pros and 4 wild cards have already confirmed and many competitors have registered as well. Besides, the Italian Snowboard Federation supports the contest, giving further more prestige to RiverJump2009.

This show is not to be missed, and for the ones who cannot make it to Livigno, the highlights of RiverJump2009 will be available live in streaming on

Webcast programme:

March 6, Friday 11am-12.30am Slopestyle Finals 9pm-10pm River Jump Finals 10pm-10.30pm Prizegiving

Thanks to Keepod, the tech-partner of the RiverJump, the event will be on streaming.