March 8th. Hossegor was the place of departure for a small team of Rip Curl riders consisting of Darius Heristchian, Remi Lamazouere, Per Loken and Victor Delerue (who jumped in for Nils Arvidsson who injured himself a couple days earlier).

After a couple of airborne hours the team landed in Moscow, checked out the red square, chilled for a bit, then continued their journey to the South. Krasnaya Polyana was the first destination from where the team would further make their way into the heart of the unknown. The vast unknown turned out to be a small slice of paradise on this earth. The riders were speechless and soaked up the landscape with gaping mouths. Here's what some of them had to say:

Darius Heristchian: Honesty, I have never seen anything like it. I'm perplex! You have a view of the black sea which is extraordinary. And, in the back of your mind you have the knowledge that you are the first to have the priveledge of riding these mountains, which are epic to say the least.

Remi Lamazouere: It's perfect! The snow was amazing with amazing terrain encompassing all the different features that you are looking for; cliffs, chutes etc... Then there is the view of the black sea from way up above. And we are the first ones to have ridden it! It's definitely something very special. Paradise on earth!