Volcom Snowboarding Europe proudly welcomes Erik 'Kirre' Karlsson from Sweden and Levi Luggen from Switzerland to the team!

Erik 'Kirre' Karlsson is a big guy from northern Sweden that seems to be missing the word "fear" from his vocabulary. He's been on our and particularly Volcom US' radar for quite a while. Kirre is one the most progressive urban riders in Europe and has delivered some outstanding video parts over the last years. Kirre will rep the HR&S line exclusively and teaming up with Pat Moore to film for Pat's upcoming movie is his no1 priority this winter. Check out Kirre's latest video part from 'Scandalnavians' here.

Levi Luggen is a also a big guy from a little town. Hailing from Brig in Wallis, southern Switzerland, he speaks one of the hardest-to understand Swiss-German dialects out there. Levi has been affiliated with Volcom since he was 13, first a a shop kid, then on the Swiss team and now, 10 years down the road, we are thrilled to finally welcome him to the Euro Team, after dominating the Euro magazines for years. Levi is a backcountry/big mountain specialist, wearing primarily our GPT line. This winter he is filming with True Colors again. Check out Levi's latest video part in True Colours 'Out N About' here.

Levi Luggen