At SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION we are super stoked to welcome Victor de Le Rue to the family. Victor has been pushing the boundaries of snowboarding and rides it all from the street to the gnarliest lines. Victor embodies everything SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION are about, and we’re so excited for him to join.

Snowboard Business Development Manager, Alvaro Vogel, let on, “Victor is one of the strongest up an coming riders in Europe. It’s been four years now of him delivering banging video parts; he started off with Standard Films, moved to Absinthe Films where he owned the ender in his first season filming, and is now shooting with Transworld for their next film, Origins. He rides everything from street spots to technical AK lines. Victor is the rider that every team manager would love to have on the roster because he is so talented and so versatile. I’m stoked to have him as part of the SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION family."

Victor de Le Rue shared his thoughts on the brands, “Thanks Shred and Slytech for providing me sick looking products that are also super comfortable. They are 100% pure radness, and they make my winter better."

Co-founder and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini, said, “Having Victor join the family means a lot for the brands, but I am most excited to start hammering out some product ideas with him and discuss what he sees is needed for anything from the streets to the big lines of AK."

SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION CMO/CFO, Federico Merle, shared, “Victor’s passion for snowboarding really embodies the way we think about the mountains and the street spots; it’s all about passion. Together with Victor we are really excited to explore how the personalities of both will interact. SHRED is all about living at the intersection of style and performance, while SLYTECH is innovation through high technology and refusing to compromise safety for comfort."