Photo: Markus Fischer

SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION are psyched to add Swiss rider, Stephan Maurer, to the team.

Stephan brings an unreal level of passion and enthusiasm to the mountains. Mu rides with a super flowy surf-inspired style, and is always challenging natural terrain. He has an eye for creating lines where others see a void, and we hope to collaboratively push the boundaries of our products to do the same.

SHRED and SLYTECH Co-founder, Ted Ligety, said: "I am really excited that Mu has joined the family. He is on top of the snowboard world, and has a unique eye for finding the creative pieces in the gnarliest lines. Mu makes the scariest big mountain lines look easy and fluid."

SHRED and SLYTECH CFO/CMO, Federico Merle, shared Ligety’s enthusiasm:“It’s super sick to add Mu to the group of riders we have right now. It seems that every time I turn around we’re adding more depth to the athlete team. Mu is special, though, he goes so aggressive and does it all with such style. It’s really an affirmation of what we’re doing to have such a large and special family of pros."

As SHRED and SLYTECH continue to push conventionally accepted boundaries of possibility and performance with product innovation, Mu has been psyched to jump on board. He said: “I’m super excited to join such a sick crew. To have the opportunity to directly work on all the products is something that I’m really looking forward to. Let’s do this!"