The Grilo cuddling it up with his new gadgets

SP Gadgets proudly announces a new and promising partnership with pro snowboarder MARKO GRILC.

This partnership covers sponsoring Marko as an athlete and as a brand ambassador for SP Gadgets as well as sponsoring his web series "the Grilosodes".

Now in his 30s, Marko has been competing professionally for over a decade, and has amassed a bunch of stellar career results in that time. Highlights include winning the Billabong Air & Style 2009 or the O’Neil Evolution Slopestyle 2010. Marko’s magnificent command of his abilities has been captured on film, in a number of ground-breaking snowboarding films including Red Bull Double Air, Thanks in Advance or 91 Words for Snow. And there’s no sign of him slowing down!

His web series 'Grilosodes' follows him as a professional snowboarder. The legendary Slovenian is a recognized face not only on the contest tour but also in the backcountry and on the streets. Heading into the 4th season the show has become one of the most followed web series in snowboarding world wide. From nominees for awards, to a field packed with superstars and locations like Dubai, Marocco and UK, who knows what is next for Grilo and his crew..