This Finnish ripper has been blowing our minds with his parts in the 292CREW movies and his strong Instagram game, and Rome Snowboards have clearly also been hyped by Rene's riding as they've just rewarded him with a spot on their International AM team... Check his welcome edit!

Rene's been juggling throwing down legit urban tricks for movies with his 292CREW homies (check their new film, 6TH) with donning a bib and sending it at Big Air contests. His wizard's sleeve of tricks is deep, and at just 18-years-old, we can only imagine it's gonna get deeper.

Talent, steeze and potential... that's what Rome are getting their paws on here, as they say: "Rene is a stylish and creative rider who is just starting to show the world what he is capable of. We are beyond stoked to welcome Rene to the AM Team!"

Hell yeah Rene!