Filming with the Shredbots crew and winning the BEO slopestyle, Brage has already established himself as one of the most stylish riders out there. And now he's been rewarded with a spot on the Vimana Snowboards team...

Brage joins the already heavy hitting Vimana family including Markku Koski, Enni Rukajärvi, Fredrik Austbo, Saku Tiilikainen, Thomas Iversen, Aapo Enqvist, Moritz Thönen and more.

"We are so proud to have Brage join our family, he has been in our loop since the beginning. He is a modern style icon and fits perfectly with the rest of our family. We welcome him with open arms, both his riding and his amazing persona. Welcome buddy!" - Vimana Snowboards founder Tronna

Brage also rides for Dragon, Transform gloves, Volcom and Rockstar.