North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany might not be famous for big mountain riding, but they sure can put on a rail-contest. "Ride the Stairway" taking place for the fourth time is Snowboard/ Mountainbike/ Freeski (gasp) competition taking place in the historical surroundings of Solingen-Gräfrath. The jib-session will go down with the help of some artificial snow and organizers promise amateur and professional riders from all over Germany to destroy the setup. There is now entrance fee and of course snacks and beer are at hand. On Friday February 6 qualification starts and in the evening the best trick session will go down. The next day after pratice, starting at noon the finals are on. The crazy train will then move to a club to party on. Last year 8000 spectators made the pilgrimage every day, so make sure you are do the same this year!