Our buds over at Ride Snowboards have made some tweaks to their team - bumping a couple of dudes up to pro status and recruiting new Rookies - and launched a new Team microsite where you can keep up with their haps. Read more...

Following the launch of its 2012 product offering and website, Ride Snowboards is amped to announce some big changes to the pro team. Ride favorites including Sebastien Toutant, Mikey Leblanc, Jake Blauvelt, Hana Beaman, Juuso Laivisto, Marco Feichtner and Darrell Mathes will now make room for Alex Cantin and Austin Hironaka, both of whom have paid some serious dues in the Ride lineup over past seasons.

Joining Ride’s Rookie pro team will be Dani Raycsani from Germany along with Clemens Schattschneider and Sebi Geiger of Austria, who bring the latest style and progression out of Europe to the global stage and are making all the right moves to motivate the next level of snowboarding. The fresh-faced additions to the international team are wonder boys Yuki Kadono of Japan and Seamus O'Conner who splits his talents between Ireland and the USA. These youngsters caught up with professional snowboarding by the age of 13 and have no signs of slowing down. They are without a doubt the future of riding.

Ride’s Team section hosts complete coverage of International, Rookie, and regional riders from North America, Europe and Japan – Riders like Silvia Mittermüller whose unmatched technical stylings have been crushing the women’s contest circuit for years, Japanese legends Aki Hiraoka and Takashi Nishida, along with everyone's favorite Canadian stunt/comedian Andrew Hardingham.

Building off of the record snow season that lasted until the summer months, Ride has geared up for the best year in snowboarding history with a product and team line-up that promises to deliver temptation until the season begins and carry you through the last lift in the spring. To follow along with the team, go to ridesnowboards.com/riders today.