First of the season and fourth in the full DH2 Artist Series, the DH 2.4 is now revealed, featuring limited-edition graphics from the original and organic art collective Dethkills.

Since 2005, Dethkills has worked diligently in creating their rich works of art that range from screen-printing and painting, to zine printing, live installation painting and t-shirt printing. Drawing their artistic and aesthetic inspiration from music, skateboarding, photography, cycling, and art, they apply the grassroots, punk rock, DIY ethos that has influenced them so heavily. Utilizing a wide array of media from pen and ink, to latex and acrylic paint, they painstakingly perfect their trademark typography repeated layering style to create their figurative pieces. Check out the DH 2.4 x Dethkills artist page to view the video and to learn more on this leading art collective.

The DH 2.4 snowboard will hit select stores on October 1st, availability is limited. Check out authorized retailers near you to pre-order yours today.

Each DH2 board in the series features distinctive work from influential artists and includes Ride's most innovative board technologies. Mark your calendars as the countdown is on for the big reveal of the DH 2.5 taking place on October 15th, available in stores November 1st.