The results are in and the winners picked from the Nikita photoshoot competition. There were literally hundreds of entries from girls worldwide and it's no secret that the Iceland crew had a massively hard time trying to pick just two winners to join them on the next photoshoot taking place this month for the FW0809 collections.

Andrea Ostertag from Austria won for Europe and instead of one girl being picked from N. America, there's a twist....2 have been chosen! The team just couldn't decide on one and have taken the stand of inviting the 2 girls along to the photoshoot to join Andrea. They are Emily Jeanne Pattison and Veronique St-Germain, both from Canada.

Hard work awaits but so does loads of new free Nikita gear, nights out with the crew and team, good food and the odd luxury prizes thrown in. Watch this space....we'll be treating you to some pics from the shoot following the trip which will also let you into a sneak preview of next winter's collection!

There was also a special prize awarded to Nancy Schwade from Germany who wins a bootiful box of Nikita gear for being extra creative with her pictures.

Check out all the pictures on Nikita's website.