From 8pm on Tuesday, December 8th you can watch the full feature length film ‘Lives of the Artists’. A visceral examination of one snowboarder, three surfers

and a hardcore punk rock band who are driven by the same singular desire to leave their mark on the world.


While there is a strong culture of film-making in action sports it’s rare that one film can reach across genres. Inspired by the work of Renaissance painter, sculptor and architect Giorgio Vasari, Lives of the Artists is the new feature-length documentary from Relentless Energy Drink, which explores the personalities of contemporary artists as they search for fulfilment across three diverse domains, pursuing their passions without compromise, and in doing so risking all to push themselves to the absolute limits.

Frenchman Xavier De Le Rue, is one of the world’s top snowboarders and World Freeride Champion for the last two years, however, whilst Xavier has tasted success in a variety of snowboarding disciplines, including competing in the 2010 winter Olympics, his passion lies with backcountry boarding – seeking out the perfect line and taking his sport off the edge.

Despite a near death experience with an avalanche last season, Xavier ventures back into the remote, dangerous and often untouched surroundings of Greenland. There he tunes into the mountains to navigate and conquer the truly unthinkable.