On the 10th of February 2007 The Red Bull Gap Session will take place for the second time in the Olympic ski stadium of Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

As well as organisers David Benedek and Christoph Weber, top riders like Mathieu Crepel, Markus Keller und Travis Rice will challenge the super size kicker. David and Christoph will invite several more talented riders all trying to raise the level of airtime. The riders will gather one week before the contest to shape the kicker together and make sure it will look the way they want it to be. One day after the event you will have the chance to ride together with the pro riders in a special park-session on the Zugspitze. Don’t miss it!

Nitro Teamrider Christoph Weber and his friend David Benedek developed The Red Bull Gap Session together with Red Bull. Both riders had the idea, because there were not enough inventive contests in the snowboard-scene. Only at The Red Bull Gap Session the participants shape their own kicker for the contest. At the event the longest airtime and the best tricks will get a price. One price is among others a brand new Suzuki motocross bike.

For more Information please check: www.theredbullgapsession.com


Friday, 9th of February 2007: The Gap Session Movie Night

Saturday, 10th of February 2007: 6pm - 8pm Reception and Contest

8pm Award Ceremony

8pm – 10pm After Contest Party