[We've just been informed that the Quiksilver Radar has been cancelled this year due to "strategic reasons". So ignore everything below and pray for snow.]

For the third year running, Quiksilver is organizing its grand European challenge, "the Quiksilver Radar", to uncover the Mathieu Crépels of the future. Check all the info.

To find these champions of tomorrow, Quiksilver has set up a Europe-wide contest open to all boys aged between 8 and 12 years old who snowboard.

The aim? To invite the cream of the crop to join the prestigious Team Quiksilver, which includes the likes of Travis Rice, Iouri Podladchikov and Mathieu Crépel. The budding champions selected will be invited to the Winter X Games Europe, to compete in the grand final of the Quiksilver Radar 2012, at the Tignes X Park alongside the X Games. The winner will get a year-long renewable contract with Quiksilver.

To take part in the Quiksilver Radar, the young prodigies must complete the following three stages:

November 15th to January 8th – Preselections on the web

Between 100 and 150 riders aged 8 to 12 years old will be selected, based on a personal file including a video of their best tricks and a brief biography, posted on the website www.quiksilverlive.com. Registration period closes January 8th 2012. Contestants will be selected between January 9th and 13th by a jury of Quiksilver athletes.

January 16th to February 12th - European "Happy Riding Days" Tour

A total of 13 European stations will play host to the "Quiksilver Radar" tour, in which the preselected contestants will take part. During the Happy Riding Days, the kids will have to win over the jury and competition sponsors with their tricks and their personality. Each will feature in a presentation video, and the stars of Team Snow Quiksilver and Internet users will vote to pick their favourite (between February 15th and March 4th). Ultimately, contestants will be selected by the public vote and twelve Quiksilver pro riders. This year, in addition to the riders selected on the web or by the jury, wildcards will be awarded.

The finalists will go through to the Grand Final of the Quiksilver Radar at the Winter X Games Europe.

Happy Riding days (TBC)

France : 2 stops

Spain : 2 stops

Italy : 1 stop

Austria : 1 stop

Norway : 1 stop

Slovakia : 1 stop

UK : 1 stop

Sweden : 1 stop

Switzerland : 1 stop

Slovenia: 1 stop

Finland: 1 stop

Final of the Quiksilver Radar at the Winter X Games Europe

The final of the Quiksilver Radar will take place during the Winter X Games Europe (March 14th to 16th) in Tignes. The 8 finalists will battle it out in an ultimate Jam session, under the discerning eyes of double World Snowboarding Champion Mathieu Crépel, Iouri Podladchikov and all of the Team Quiksilver riders.

Each and every finalist will be specially invited as a VIP guest of Quiksilver for the duration of the Winter X Games Europe, along with one other person they may choose to accompany them.

The Final winners will receive their trophy from Mathieu Crépel, along with a dream prize including: a year's sponsorship as part of Team Quiksilver.

For the public: Information and registration at: www.quiksilverlive.com – in the 'Participate' section