On December the 15th, 2008, the heads behind BESTTRICK bring you a new snowboard-trick-battle in Game of S.K.A.T.E–mode. Starting December 15th on on KING-OF-SNOW.COM.

***UPDATE*** King of Snow is now presented by Quiksilver.

The best part is: everybody can take part for free! And we really mean EVERYBODY – from all around the world! Copy the tricks of the pros with your own skills and your own style on similar obstacles of your choice and film yourself doing it to win 5.000,- USD cash and fame and glory.

Every 14 days, one of your favourite pros shows a trick on king-of-snow.com which you should copy over the next two weeks on a similar obstacle, then film it and upload it to the platform. To score extra points in the worldwide ranking, you should style your tricks as good as you can, because in every round (wich means every 14 days) the most hard or most stylish trick will be rewarded with a huge stuff-package.

You're gonna be rich and famous!

Who, after 8 rounds, has picked up the most points, will be crowned King Of S.N.O.W and will be rewarded with 5.000 USD and short interviews with all our media-partners worldwide. To keep things exciting until the very end, we will give out letters for every trick you did not manage to copy – similar to the rules of well-known Game of S.K.A.T.E This means, you have three free shots and get a letter for every of those tries (S.N.O.). The fourth trick not done gives you the last letter (W.), which makes S.N.O.W complete – and you're out, your points forfeit. This means: even if somebody clearly is on top, it's still possible for him to lose all points in the last round theoretically!

Register now for free!

Create your own account now on king-of-snow.com. You will also find all further information there. So make sure to visit regularly, to keep yourself up to date and on top of the game.