Jordan Mendenhall – BS 180° Switch 50-50 Switch FS 360° out

Jordan shows a really hard move here, which will definitely separate the wheat from the chaff! BS 180° Switch 50-50 Switch FS 360° out is not an easy trick combo and will demand your skills for sure. BUT ONLY IF YOU'RE STILL IN THE GAME - NOBODY CAN JOIN THE EVENT ANYMORE!

Roundprize: K2 „Darko Access“ Snowboard Boot

Ride anything and stomp everything, the new Darko Access’s easy adjustment on the fly lets you loosen up for extra tweaking mobility or lock down your liners when things get critical. Perfect for destroying the park in the morning and heading up higher for tree runs and mach speeds in the afternoon, the Darko Access offers limitless adjustment and supreme comfort. New HarshMellow tech helps absorb shock and increase board feel while the Intuition liner’s provides premium heel hold and flex, keeping you confident and committed even in the sketchiest of situations.

Winner of the fifth round: Martin Kalliola Martin out of Finland just won his second round of this event. After winning a K2 Binding in round 3, he now gets the new Ride „Delta MVMNT“ Binding, too. Here is the videoproof of Martin´s FS 540° Nosegrab:

Ranking after the fourth round:

1. Saku Tillikainen | 18 | 25.47 Punkte 2. Martin Kalliola | 18 | 25.37 Punkte 3. Niko Lansio | 17 | 24.07 Punkte 4. Benno Postert | 23 | 23.32 Punkte

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