Ride Snowboards finest Marco "Fichtl" Feichtner is submitting the fifth trick and you are pleased to copy it!

Frontside 540° Nose is the trick of the hour which you have to copy on every similar kicker – park or backcountry – on mother earth with as much style and power as possible. Don´t forget to show your face right into the cam after you did your Frontside 5!

This round’s winner will get from Ride Snowboards this nice snowboard binding called the “Delta MVMNT". Starting off Ride’s Movement Series, the mobility-driven Delta is a super flexible performance Ride. With Ride’s FlexLite Highback and Convertible TL™ Toe Strap, the Delta provides an ultra-light binding that offers mobility and flex in every direction. Packed with features, but not weighed down, you can’t afford to miss this movement.

Winner of the fourth round: Niko Lansio Niko is 17 years old, out of Finland and will have a lot of fun with his new Ride „ContraBand“ Binding. Here is the videoproof of Niko´s Frontside 180°:

Ranking after the fourth round: 1. Saku Tillikainen | 18 | 24.18 Punkte 2. Martin Kalliola | 18 | 23.84 Punkte 3. Niko Lansio | 17 | 22.37 Punkte 4. Benno Postert | 23 | 21.94 Punkte

The top four snowboarders that have earned the most judging points after Round 7 will be invited by Mathieu Crepel to their invitational-only event in La Plagne, France – called “Chromatophobia". Quiksilver will assume just everything – flight, accommodation and catering – no matter from where on this planet you have to travel. Mathieu will present the final trick in the Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W snowpark the four finalists have to copy. A camera team will capture every single trick and finally upload it to www.king-of-snow.com. Afterwards the tricks will be judged one more week for the very last time. The one with the highest score may be pleased about 5.000,- USD cash and worldwide Coverage. As a special goodie the four lucky finalists will get a wildcard to compete with Mathieu and many other topguns at the Chromatophobia.

Click for more details on the Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W.