This ist he LAST round where new entrants can sign into the event!

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Nico Droz – Frontside 180°

Ride Snowboards finest Nico Droz is submitting the fourth trick and you are welcome to copy it! Frontside 180° is the trick of the hour which you have to copy on every similar kicker, drop, rock or whatever you can do a 180° on/off on mother earth with as much style and power as possible. Don´t forget to show your face right into the cam after you did your Frontside 180°!

Fronstide 180°

Roundprize: Ride „ContraBand“ Binding So fast, easy and light... it should be illeagal! If you're anything like the guys on the Ride team you spend a lot of time getting in and out of your bindings while sessioning a street rail or a park jump. The ContraBand combines Ride's new revolutionary „V-Strap“ single ratchet design and new lightweight chassis to provide the performance you need with the quickness of a „one-touch“ in and out. Spend more time lapping terrain and tighten up your game!

Winner of the third round: Martin Kalliola Martin is 18 yearls old, out of Finland and will have a lot of fun with his new K2 „Auto Ever“ Binding. Here is the videoproof of Martin´s Frontside Boardslide to Fakie:

Ranking after the third round: 1. Saku Tiilikainen | 18 | 19.12 Points 2. Martin Kalliola | 18 | 18.50 Points 3. Benno Postert | 23 | 17.89 Points 4. Niko Lansio | 17 | 15.91 Points

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