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Danny Larsen – Frontside Boardslide to Fakie

K2 Snowboards Rider Danny Larsen is submitting the third trick and you are pleased to copy it! Frontside Boardslide to Fakie is the trick of the hour which you have to copy on every similar rail, ledge or whatever you can slide on mother earth with as much style and power as possible. Don´t forget to show your face right into the cam after you did your Frontside Boardslide to Fakie!

FS Boardslide to Fakie

Roundprize: K2 Auto Ever Binding

One move – all done. K2’s newest innovation where the toe strap automatically closes and opens with the ankle strap. In short, one ratchet, two straps. With super lightweight performance and unequalled speed, Auto technology hails a whole new generation of strap bindings.

Winner of the second round: Saku Tiilikainen Saku is 18 yearls old, out of Finland and will have a lot of fun with his new Atomic Snowboard. Here is Saku´s Frontside 360° Tail:

Ranking after the second round: 1. Saku Tiilikainen | 18 | 13.67 points 2. Benno Postert | 23 | 13.59 points 3. Martin Kalliola | 17 | 12.88 points 4. Stephan Wimmer | 22 | 11.94 points

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