The best four riders now battle for 5.000,- USD prizemoney and you can vote for the first King of S.N.O.W!

Last weekend the best four participants out of 7 rounds have been invited to La Plagne (FRA) to try to stick the last trick – a BS 900° shown by Quiksilver Pro Freddy Austbo!

Benno Postert (AUT), Martin Kalliola (FIN), Niko Lansio (FIN) and Saku Tiilikainen (FIN) are allowed to feel like a snowboard pro for a couple of days. Quiksilver payed everything: flights, accomodations, breakfasts, dinners, lifttickets and drinks. On top our four finalists received a wildcard for Mathieu Crepel´s Invitational Chromatophobia which allowed them to ride the La Plagne Superpipe with stars like Markku Koski, Oliver Gittler, Frederik Austbo, Arthur Longo and Christian Haller, only to name a few.

Saturday was the big day for the finalists. They had two hours time, to stick their BS 900° at the reserved Kicker at La Plagne snowpark. Saku was injured, so he couldn´t ride at all, but he told us, he´ll be back next year! Now it´s your turn to vote for the best BS 900°.

Please vote one more time for the best rider to become the first Quiksilver King of S.N.O.W at!

Martin Kalliola

Benno Postert

Niko Lansio