New Online Video Contest from the QParks crew.

The Dachstein Opening went off last weekend in the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein with a big bang! The sun was intense just as the action on the brand-new rail line. Even though the slushy conditions made it even harder, some really technical tricks were shown during the day and the winners of the Ride and Roar Rail Jam Session were happy to bag prizes from Horsefeathers, Blue Tomato and Adidas Eyewear. But the QParks guys still have some goodies left, and had an idea… the 'Copy and Post' Video Competition.


As there heaps of people shredding around with cams at the Opening, QParks decided to put on a little video contest which doesn’t request too much effort, something like a smaller version of the successful Horsefeathers King of Snow. During the Opening we saw a lot of technical tricks from a bunch of riders, and guess what…!! QParks Filmer Clemi P. captured them all! So the question is: Can you copy some of the tricks shown as stylish as guys like Marc Swoboda, Flo Galler and Felix Prankl? Just grab your GoPro cameras or your personal filmer and take part! Here is the lowdown:


1) Starting today, Wednesday June 16th QParks will post a railbanger from the Opening on a specific obstacle on the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein Facebook site and on the parkwebsite.

2) From then on you have one week to 'Copy and Post' the trick on one of the two sites. It has to be the same obstacle and exactly the same trick, garnished with your individual style of course!

3) After you've stomped it, don’t waste time and upload it directly onto our Facebook wall or under 'Send us Pics & Videos' on

4) Dont be afraid of nasty comments (which are welcome by the way) because some people will 'like' your bangers.

5) One winner will be awarded each week and the rating system consists of two components: a mix of 'Likes' on Facebook and an internal QParks judging with criteria such as style, steez and afterbang.


That’s it, as simple as. But no competition without prizes right? Besides the goodie bags they want to give you the chance to take part at a QParks shooting together with pros either in the Horsefeathers Superpark Dachstein during the next summer weeks, in fall or even in winter at the Horsefeathers Superpark Planai!

So let's try this. They'll see how many of you will take part. If they make it to 5 clips after one week, the 'Copy and Post Video Competition' will continue for another week. The same again continue the following week. If nobody wants to take part the competition will be cancelled right away…

So guys, get ready for the first trick, it should be doable we guess, what do you think?! Check it out here!