Purl Wax gives away a cat trip with the Purl pro team to the winner of the golden ticket.

When Scotty Winn walked in to Recycle Sports of Frisco Colorado in early March, he had no idea that the visit would lead to an amazing day in the back country with members of the Purl Pro Team. Winn came to Recycle Sports to purchase some Purl Wax, and as he pulled the wax out of the bag he noticed a gold coin resting in the bottom. For the 2006-2007 season, Purl promised to take one lucky customer on the snow day of a lifetime with the Golden Ticket Giveaway. Several days later, Winn was climbing into a powder cat with the Purl crew including Jeff Meyer, JJ Johnson, and Paul Cotter. The Purl International team also includes such heavy hitters as Seth Morrison, Sage Cattabriga Alosa, Jesse Csincsak, Joe Vallone, Pat Milberry, and Chanelle Sladics.

“We would like to thank Steamboat Powder Cats for taking us out to some incredible terrain." said Cort Muller, Marketing Director of Purl Wax. “Our guides Pete & Murphy knew exactly where to take us. The snow was deep and soft and the terrain is incredible." The crew found some natural features to hit including a sweet log jib and several nice cliff bands under bright blue skies. One of the many high points to the day occurred when the team rolled up to a natural step-up.

Local ticket winner Scotty Winn dropped in and cleared the gap with style. When asked to comment on his day with Purl, Winn smiled and quipped, “That was definitely the best eight dollars I’ve ever spent!"

To see all of the photos from the trip, visit the Purl Website at www.purlwax.com