Book December 19 off work and go shred.

Snowboarders. We all secretly want to be like as skateboarders, don't we? That's the running gag anyway, so after some skaters kicked off with World Skateboard Day several years ago, we just had to follow suit. Because skateboarders are so fucking gnar.

We're just bitter cause our skateboarding skills are retarding, but whatever, we're here to let you know that December 19 2010 is the day the call goes out to shredders across the planet to skip work and go ride. The concept of World Snowboard Day ain't rocket science - whether you're a rookie, seasoned rider or ├╝ber pro, national federations, schools, stores, resorts and pros will be putting on a host of activities to get down with.

From testing new gear, to contests, signing sessions, gigs, parties and more, there'll be something for everyone in this, the WSD's fourth incarnation. And rather cryptically they're saying "Outdoor Sports Valley join the organizers of the World Snowboard Day, EuroSIMA and WSF to offer you always more surprises, that you will discover soon." No idea what that means, but check out more on the World Snowboard Day site including where you can get your rad on.

While waiting, you can already watch the teaser of this 5th edition on the website and join the World Snowboard Day community on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.