When: 20th March 2010

Where: Saint-Lary, France


Swede Niklas Askmyr becomes the new Poney-in-chief after a stormy, rainy week-end in Saint-Lary, France, while Thomas Gerin get the Best Trick Award.

Organisers had to battle hard against furious elements over the week-end in Saint-Lary, Pyrenees, to manage to put together a decent snowboard contest, despite the wind, the rain and the sticky snow. Nevertheless, nothing could affect the uptempo mood of yet another big bunch of riders, mainly French but agremented with 3 high flyers from Sweden. Decision was made to hold both TTR 3 Star Free Session and Best Trick Session on this peculiar saturday afternoon, 20th of March, to make sure the riders could make the most of the creative park of St Lary.


The favorite obstacles on the park for the free session were obviously the middle tabletop, the mini football goal for handplants or bonks, and of course the butter table at the bottom, where the Best Trick magic happened. Defending hardly his 2009 title until the end, Victor Delerue had to let go the trophy, despite a couple of his specially tasty corked 9s on the middle table. But Victor Daviet, and especially Niklas Askmyr, were the most consistent riders of the days.


After the free session, the butter table was on fire (and ice) and local hero Delerue starting the fight with Backflip to BS Rodeo. Everybody trying his best to butter the crap out of that obstacle: Nicolas Vincent, Felix Cadiou, Mathieu Justafre, Thomas Delfino, the Bouche brothers, Lucas Benacchio, Dimitri Biau, unlucky Johann Baisamy... And many more. Daviet also was on the case with his sweet BS 1 to Cab 7. To our liking, we recon Enzo Nilo - supported by his friend Felix Carlier from the 'A Branler crew', which I won't translate - should maybe have won the Best Trick Award with his FS 1 to Switch BS Rodeo. But in the end, it's Thomas Gerin from Meribel who sealed the deal with his Cab 5 to BS 5 and FS 5 to Switch BS 5 combos.


After a last windy and slushy run down for everyone, it was time for some epic food, and epic party in a local Cidrerie, where Radio Nova put up some nice Live action from a band who could definately be the new Blues Brothers. Big up to them, big up to the Poneys, big up to the Pyrenees!


Thanks to the Poneys, to St Lary, and the partners: Billabong, Pull-In, Nike 6.0, Electric, Landing, Da Kine and Salomon.

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