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Last Friday was the beginning of another winter for all those in the shred with the new Pirate’s movie Jolly Roger launching another ship full of merriment into the autumn seas of Innsbruck’s nightlife. The entire crew was onboard including a superbly moustachioed Tyler Chorlton, clean cut Eirik Haugo, dance heroes Marko Grilc and Markus Keller, recently married Danny Larsen, Kalle Ohlson, Gigi Rüf and more.

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Eirik Haugo and birthday boy Teo Konttinen.

Conveniently enough it was also Teo Konttinen’s 19th birthday so in the company of Juuso Laivisto they were consuming the ships rations of rum with much gusto – suffice to say Teo went home early with a UDI after an amicable tussle on stage with Gigi.

Berni Köffler and Kalle Ohlson.

Danny Larsen and Tyler Chorlton. Despite some strong competition, Tyler now has the best moustache in snowboarding. Fact.

Anyway, the Max club (so named as it is the usual hangout of Escort driving petrol heads) the port where the ship was to sail from was rammed to the rafters with eager shred-heads, clashing proverbial sabers at the local talent and the prospect of seeing to outstanding trickery from the Pirates crew. They got what they came for eventually when Basti, Ludschi and friends finally stopped supping capies in the backroom and listening to Mozart. The crowd wooped and yelped their way through the crews’ parts and gave a particularly raucus ovation for Elias Elhardt’s closing part. Out of interest Elias still had airplane food coursing through his veins having only just touched down from Chile – it didn’t stop him enjoying the evening though.

Let carnage commence...

If you are keen to partake of the Jolly Roger’s merry goings on then check for their next port of call and be sure to give Basti, Ludschi and the rest of the Pirate’s crew a harty slap on the back for a killer piece of snowboard movie making.

Chief Pirate Basti Balser and Fabia.

Salty snacks for übershooter Blotto and Marko Grilc.

Elias Elhardt getting the treatment from Hans Ålund.

Marco Feichtner and Ride's Jörg looking a little tired and emotional.

Burton snapper Cyril and macho man Grillo.

Steve Gruber.

Eirik Haugo and Steve Gruber.

Julia Baumgartner all photo G'd up.

Grilc getting owned by some bird on the dancefloor.

Stefan Maurer. Long way to go to get close to Tyler's, mate.

No idea what's going on here. Answers on a postcard...

The Onboard editorial suite at the Hotel Opel.