[This is Hans Ahlund's Behind The Spot episode. There's a bunch of other goodness from the Pirates to discover on Pirate TV.]

Our Pirate homies are diving full on into the deep end of the internet with the launch of Pirate TV. They'll regularly be dropping a bunch of web video content from here on in, so check out what they're offering in addition to one of the sickest Euro shred flicks around...

Basti, Ludschi and the boys will now be backing up their annually awesome movies with what looks to be a whole heap of different online content. As Ludschi says, "The goal is to come up with up-to-date edits in a frequent matter, so people can stay in the loop and get hyped straight away!"

The first episodes of their various programs are out already and there's some good stuff to get involved with. They've gone with a many-layered approach. Categories include travel impressions in a section called Boardbagged, short clips of bangers in 40 Secs, getting in depth with certain spots in Behind The Spot (above), 4FunFun which is all about enjoyable riding, Day in the Life episodes with the dudes, and a Tech Talk section where riders, shooters and the crew explain the gear they use and why they use it.

"We'll be adding some educational and fun content as well," adds Ludschi, "because we really wanna add value to the snowboarding world."

Check what they got on the Pirate TV site, and we'll be posting them on Onboard from here on in so you stay in the loop.