The Norwegian snowboarder, who was nominated “Rookie Of The Year" in 2009 by the Norwegian Snowboard Federation, joined the Endeavor army.

"Petter joins friends and fellow Scandinavian shredders Torgeir Berre and Kareem El Rafie on our team. Kareem and Petter will be rolling around Scandinavia and Europe throughout the fall and winter filming for various projects. They will also be counting down the days until Torgeir is ready to return to the mountains," says Max Jenke, Endeavor's Managing Director. “Petter's style is sick and I'm hyped to have him part of the Endeavor family."

Watch Petter alongside team colleagues Torgeir Berre and Kareem El Rafie in Factor Films They Came From this winter and the cool Norwegian film project Ducksjen.


"I chose to ride with Endeavor because the brand is down-to-earth and the people there used to be pro riders," says Petter. “I had an immediate connection, both on a snowboarding level and on a personal level. I’m an artist as well as a rider, so it’s kind of a hand-in-hand situation due to Endeavor's dedication to bringing art to snowboards."

Togeir Berre recommended Petter to Endeavor and is confident Petter's solid style and support from the Canadian rider-focused snowboard company will get the rookie the recognition he deserves.

The Endeavor Snowboards International pro team consists of Kale Stephens, Kevin Griffin, Kareem El Rafie, Johnny Lyall, Torgeir Berre and Petter Bakken Kristiansen.