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Peter König - Isenseven-rider, fashion afficionado and one of Austria’s finest exports since Falco – is now rocking goggles and sunglasses by the young Austrian brand gloryfy unbreakable eyewear.

Buch in Tirol, 19.09.2012 - 24-year old Peter König is one of Europe’s go-to-guys, if you are looking for a complete rider. Whether it’s about rocking streetrails, going tech in a park or sending it in the backcountry – with his unique style he built quite a hype around his persona over the last years. Besides riding some of the biggest international contests, Peter collected banger after banger, while shooting with Europe’s premiere movie production Isenseven (check him out in this year’s shred-flick "Fool's Gold“).

"We are super happy about Peter joining our team. As a young Austrian eyewear brand it makes us even more proud to have an established rider like him rocking our gear from now on", says gloryfy team-manager Claudio Blassnig. "I am officially stoked! gloryfy is a innovative brand based in the same area as i live and the products’ style and functionality are absolutely second to none!", says Peter König.

Peter is now part of the gloryfy unbreakable eyewear-team, consisting of riders like Chris Sörman (SWE), Patrick Cinca (GER), Steve Grumser (AUT) and Daniel Mösl (AUT).

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